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Mixed Fermentation and Barrel Ageing Programme position.

Company Overview/Ethos

DEYA Brewing Company is a small brewery based in Cheltenham, UK. We specialise predominantly in fresh, hoppy beer but also in longer turnaround mixed fermentation beers. We are committed to brewing excellent beer and being an excellent company to work for.

DEYA Brewing Company expects extremely high working standards from their employees. The culture at DEYA is founded on three principles: Hard Work, Team Work and Continual Improvement.

In return, DEYA will offer proper and competitive salaries, while being respectful and compassionate to all employees.

As an employer, DEYA is committed to having a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Our Employee Handbook and Guiding Principles of Work set out to all employees what is expected from both the employer and employee.

DEYA Brewing Company is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive community – a place where we can all be ourselves and succeed on merit. We offer a range of family friendly, inclusive employment policies and flexible working arrangements, to support staff from different backgrounds.


Role Overview

We are looking for an experienced person to come on board our mixed culture programme, producing a range of beers with non-traditional brewing yeast and bacteria; sour beers, brettanomyces beers, beers with local fruit and ingredients, and barrel aged beers.


We currently have a 4 x 16HL stainless steel FVs, 4 x 16hl CTs and 2 x 16hl fruit tanks, and 150HL of barrel capacity, in 225L barrels, and 500L barrels. There will be room and scope to grow and influence the program in the coming years.


We are currently producing a small range of mature barrel aged beers, with additions of local fruit, flowers and herbs. And a range of simple tank conditioned beers, with character from yeast and bacteria being the main focus.


All of our beers aim to be nuanced, delicate and considered. We believe that restraint is more important than intensity.


Skills & Experience

The ideal candidate will have experience across all aspects of beer production, and with knowledge and experience of:


  • Non-traditional brewing yeasts and bacteria.
  • Wort production.
  • Fermentation and cellering, including CIPs, Transfers.
  • Packaging
  • Barrel ageing, barrel management. (filling/emptying/ blending/ washing barrels)
  • Microbiology, culture management, non-traditional brewing yeasts and bacteria.
  • Good knowledge of all aspects of brewing science.


Starting date is flexible from now until March 2021. We want to take our time to find the right person.


Please email Cover Letter and CV to [email protected] with subject “Mixed Fermentation Role”.


Fill out the application below to apply.

Please include your first and last name in the name of your file (example: jane-smith-cover-letter.pdf).
Please include your first and last name in the name of your file (example: jane-smith-resume.pdf).

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