craft beer


Where can I find your beer/ buy your beer?

Outside of our taproom, our beer is distributed (kegs) throughout the UK. We work with amazing distribution partners who help us to supply as many incredible pubs/bars/restaurants with fresh DEYA beer. We also work directly with some places. Unfortunately, we do not have enough beer to work directly with as many places as we would like + we often don’t have enough beer for our distributors. Our distributors work with venues direct therefore we do not have control over where our kegs are going (of course we 100% trust the relationships we have built with our distributors). For enquiries on keg stock, it is best to contact [email protected] We deliver directly to accounts in the Cheltenham area. As we expand we hope to get as much DEYA beer on tap as we can – if you would like more info on who carries our beer and what is coming out please email [email protected] (and keep up to date with Instagram for latest releases!!) 

Where can I buy your cans?

Our cans are currently sold at the taproom and also in our online shop

Do you reserve cans? 

Sorry, we don’t. 

Do you fill growlers?

Afraid we don’t – we made the decision early on to not fill growlers as we do not feel (from a quality standpoint) it is a good way of enjoying our beer. We have invested in a canning line allowing for a high-quality takeaway package!

What are your taproom opening hours?

Currently, our hours are Thursday 4-9, Friday 4-9 and Saturday 2-8. If you would like to purchase cans outside of these hours, please email [email protected] to arrange or visit our online shop.

Can I bring children to the taproom?


Can I bring dogs to the taproom?


Do you have food trucks at the taproom?

Yes! We try and have food trucks every Friday and every Saturday – please check Instagram (or sign up to our newsletter) to keep in the loop! 

Do you reserve tables at the taproom?

Sorry, we don’t.

Where can I see info on taplist and cans available? 

We will post our website and on Instagram every week with new beer releases plus cans available (and sometimes taplist) – every newsletter will contain an updated taplist (sent every Tues or Weds).